And Kardashian's husband West, 38, may feel differently. After the birth of their daughter, North West (now 2), he banned his wife from getting any major surgeries because he lost his mother Donda West in 2007 due to complications from liposuction and breast-reduction surgery. "The surgeries are a hot button for Kanye because he lost his mom during a plastic surgery situation," the source said. "There is some sensitivity about the subject for him."

KUWTK 1014
KUWTK 1014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you're having a great time with your family and friends today.

In celebration of the holiday, we wanted to look back at all of the things that made us happy this year. From Kim Kardashian's honesty about her pregnancy to Botched Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif's hilarious moments, E! stars have made us extremely thankful this year for many reasons.

So let's take a look at the 21 things we're thankful for this year, including Kim, Terry, Paul & more E! stars.

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1. Kourtney Kardashian's One Liners:

If there's one thing we know about Kourtney Kardashian, it's that she always tells it like it is. She says what's on her mind, which results in some hilarious one-liners! She always manages to make us laugh, which is why we're thankful for her one-liners this year. Check out the video above to see Kourtney's best one-liners of all time!

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2. Scott Disick's Hilarious Moments:

While Scott Disick has had his ups and downs, there's no denying his hilarious sense of humor. Whether he's making up words or doing impressions, Scott always wacky moments always make us smile. Watch the supercut video above to see him in action!

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3. Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Confessions:

Kim has been so open about her pregnancy this year. It's her second child and she's not holding back on how she feels about being pregnant. She even told E! News exclusively that "pregnancy is not for me." Kim's been so honest about her pregnancy and she's even been documenting her ups and downs on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Take a look at the video above to hear more about Kim's pregnancy health scare!

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4. Kardashian Family Butt-Slapping:

The Kardashians love to slap each other's butts! Keeping Up With the Kardashians cameras have caught some serious booty-smacking over the years that you have to see! Check out all of the butt-slapping moments in the video above!

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5. Christina Milian's Turned Up Moments!

Christina Milian knows how to have a good time, and Christina Milian Turned Up cameras have caught her doing just that on multiple occasions! Thanks to Christina, we really know how to turn up, which is why we're thankful for her this year! Check out all of the times she's turned up in the supercut video above!

6. Caitlyn Jenner's Bravery:

Caitlyn Jenner has been so brave talking about her transition on her E! show I Am Cait. Her courage has inspired so many people around the world and we're so thankful for her strength. Watch the clip above to hear Caitlyn talk about "feeling comfortable" being herself!

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7. Dr. Terry Dubrow's Hilarious Reactions:

Something else we're thankful for this year is Botched Dr. Terry Dubrow's hilarious reactions. Terry really can't hide his emotions and Botched cameras capture all of his expressions, which always make us LOL. Take a look at the supercut video above and prepare to laugh!

8. Paul Nassif & Terry Dubrow's Exaggerations:

Botched Drs. Paul and Terry love to say that almost every case is the "most difficult." In the Botched: Post Op clip above, Terry's wife, and the host of the show, Heather Dubrow calls them out on their extreme exaggerations.

9. Botched's Most Jaw-Dropping Patients:

Over the past two seasons of Botched, we've seen so many OMG moments with patients. Remember the time Sara came to see Paul and Terry after her doctor was on "crystal meth" during her nose surgery? Watch the video above to hear her tell the story!

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10. Joel McHale's 12 Years of Hilarious Jokes on The Soup:

Earlier this month it was announced that The Soup will be ending after 22 years on E! Joel McHale has been the host of the show for 12 years and in that time, he's made us laugh endlessly with his hilarious jokes. So let's take a look at one of his most recent segments on The Soup in the clip above!

The Royals, Queen HelenaE!

11. Queen Helena's Eye-Rolling:

The Royals' Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) can do so many incredible things, one of which would be eye-rolling. Whenever she's not pleased, Queen Helena loves to give a good eye-rolling and we can't get enough!

The Royals, ShirtlessE!

12. The Royals Hunks' Shirtless Moments:

There are some extremely sexy men on The Royals who love to take off their shirts. From Prince William (William Moseley) to Jasper (Tom Austen), the men on the show have many shirtless moments, like the one above. All the more reason to tune in each week!

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13. Queen Helena's Style:

In addition to her epic eye-rolls, we're also thankful for Queen Helena's style. Seriously, her outfits are always on point! Watch the video above to hear Elizabeth talk about Queen Helena's wardrobe!

14. Fashion Police Co-Hosts' Most Hilarious Comments:

If you're in need of a good laugh, Fashion Police is the show for you. Co-hosts Giuliana Rancic, Brad Goreski and Melissa Rivers just had the most hilarious comments on celeb style on the American Music Awards special. The co-hosts were joined by celeb guests on the show, like Margaret Cho and Amber Rose, who made us LOL with her comments on Harry Styles. Check out the video above!

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15. Total Divas Shocking Moments:

If you're looking for a show that will shock you, it's Total Divas. There are so many twists and turns and dramatic moments and we can't get enough, which is why we're so excited for the show to come back in January! Check out a preview clip of the upcoming season above!

Jillian Michaels Magazine Covers

16. Jillian Michaels' Hot Body:

Another reason we're extremely thankful is because Jillian Michaels (along with her extremely hot body) is coming to E! this January with her new series Just Jillian. In celebration of the show's upcoming premiere, take a look at Jillian's hottest covers above!

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17. Tyler Henry's Gift:

Celebrity clairvoyant Tyler Henry is another new member of the E! team. His show, Hollywood Medium, is also coming to E! this January. On the show, Tyler will be sharing his incredible gift with the world. Watch a preview of what you can expect on this show in the video above!

18. The #RichKids of Beverly Hills' Heated Exchanges:

There's no denying the #RichKids of Beverly Hills know how to bring the drama. They're always arguing and sometimes it's hard to tell who's mad at who and who's friends with who, but that's why we love them so much! Take a look at the video above to see Dorothy Wang being confronted at her own birthday party!

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Diane Von Furstenberg, CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund AwardsAndrew Toth/Getty Images

19. Diane Von Furstenberg's Most Empowering Moments:

The second season of House of DVF just ended and we're already missing Diane Von Furstenberg! Diane offers such great advice on the show and we can't get enough of her inspiring messages. Check out her most empowering moments above!

20. DASH Dolls' Drama:

There's no shortage of drama on DASH Dolls. The employees running the Kardashians' Los Angeles store always keep us entertained with their arguments and emotional moments, like the one above! Watch the video to see DASH Doll Caroline getting into a heated conversation with her mom.

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21. WAGS' Battles:

There's so much drama on WAGS, especially between the wives and the girlfriends. It seems like there's always tension, which results in arguments like the one in the video above! We can't wait for season two, we love this show!

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We just had to grab gorgeous First Dates maître d’ Fred Sirieix for a chat on all things flirting, dating and love…

First Dates might just be the best show on telly right now, but it’s the show’s lovely maître d’ Fred Sirieix and his philosophical nuggets that really make it for us. Seriously, where would we be without French Fred, his salt-and-pepper beard and his musings on the heart? And all in that ooh là là French accent that makes our heart do a little pitter-patter.

Limoges-born Fred, 43, has actually been on our screens lots in the past – training would-be waiters and waitresses in the fine art of ‘front of house’ on BBC2’s Michel Roux’s Service. He’s also the manager at swanky Michelin-starred restaurant Galvin at Windows and a total aficionado of all things foodie and hospitality – as well as the heart. Can we come to yours for Christmas, Fred?

With another incredible series of First Dates just about to come to an end, we nabbed Fred for a chat on love, first-date etiquette and exactly how you should get your flirt on with that guy from work you really fancy at the office Christmas party…

GIF First Dates Fred

We’re obsessed with First Dates, Fred – you must be so proud to be on the show…

It’s so well done, with such a good team and it’s got a great heart. It’s quite something to be part of. The people are really there to find love. To find love is the aim of the game and to bring couples together – it’s fantastic.

Who’s your favourite couple from the show so far?

I always think back to Frankie and Muhala [left] in series three – they were both dancers and there was so much passion there from the start. You thought: ‘When they leave after this date, they’re going to have more than a drink…’

Do any of the people on dates ever try to flirt with you instead of their date?

Yes, sometimes they do. It’s whether they’re taking it seriously or not, you know? Do you remember Gary [left]? He’s been in a few times and I just play along when he tries to flirt with me. It’s fun!

Where do you get your nuggets of wisdom from?

I read a lot. I’m into the philosophy of Seneca and Shakespeare. Shakespeare is my inspiration – he was able to see through life and through relationships and people. He thought about doubt. There’s a line from Shakespeare: ‘Our doubts are our traitors.’ I put it on Twitter the other day because it struck a chord.


Have you always been a philosophical chap?

Yes, and I write poetry, too. I write it for my muses. A muse can be anyone. It depends who they are – they come and go. Some stay longer than others. And they’re not always lovers. I wrote a poem for my chairman the other day – the chairman of my business. He’s a real inspiration to me and he also makes me laugh.

First Dates

You’re famous now. Do you have people asking for autographs in the street?

Yeah, people do. They want a picture, a selfie… But famous is a big word.

What do you think the British learn from the French in relationships? French men are definitely way more romantic…

Oh my God! [Laughs] I’m 43 and I’ve actually lived in England longer than I lived in France. Am I more French than English? I live in Peckham! I suppose to start with you have to be open. You must be open and honest and you must live in reality.

How does it feel when a couple’s date on the show turns into something more?

I love it – it feels amazing. It’s like: ‘Yes!’ It’s so exciting to see people really getting along. It’s like opening a bottle of champagne – the bubbles fizz.


What’s your best ever date?

Oh my God! What a question… I won’t be specific, but it’s about making that connection.

You have a partner now and two children. Are you still a romantic person?

Oh, yes. Of course! It’s the small things. The unexpected things at random. Like a single red rose.

What are your tips for flirting at the office Christmas party?

A woman should smile. And look intensely into the man’s eyes.

What’s the best body language to give off if you fancy a guy?

It’s all about eye contact. If you fancy someone you’re going to look at someone and you’re going to smile. I call it ‘naughty eye’. The girl might touch her hair, too. Maybe you can touch the other person very gently, but a minute too soon and it can all go wrong. Timing is important. That’s it – very simple. Voilà!

What’s the key to a really successful date?

You have to act out passion before you can feel it. So that’s very important if you’re going on a date – if you’re acting like you’re going to the dentist, then forget it, it’s not going to happen!

What about splitting the bill?

I think it’s fine to split the bill. Why not? It’s 2015, almost 2016. Women and men are equal. But to assume that someone will pay for you? It’s like, excuse me, sorry? It’s awkward.

Does it make you proud when you help people to heal their past hurt on First Dates?

Yes, it’s great. There was a guy this series called Louis and he was so, so nervous. It was hard for him, but in the end he came out looking great – everyone wants to date him now. He’s accepted himself and the way that he deals with his anxiety. Fear stops you from moving forward.

Will there be another Celebrity First Dates?

That would be telling – but it might just happen. I’d love to have Caitlyn Jenner on the show! And Melanie Sykes!

First Dates is on Channel 4 at 10pm on Thursdays

Rosie Gizauskas